Tallsoft Computing Ltd Sales and Support are open Monday-Friday (9-5pm EST). Every effort is made to respond to queries as quickly as possible, though mails sent after-hours and on weekends will generally not be seen  until the following work day.

89 Forward Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
P.O. K1Y 4M2

Sales:    sales@tallsoft.com
support: support@tallsoft.com

Bigger Syslog server http://www.tallsoft.com/syslogserver.xml
Quick Ping Monitor http://www.tallsoft.com/pingmonitor.xml
Dns Monitor http://www.tallsoft.com/dnsmonitor.xml
Cisco CDP Monitor http://www.tallsoft.com/cdpmonitor.xml
NBT Host Monitor http://www.tallsoft.com/hostmonitor.xml
CDP Cisco Client http://www.tallsoft.com/cdpciscoclient.xml
Snmp Tftp Server http://www.tallsoft.com/snmptftpserver.xml
Quick Tftp Server Pro http://www.tallsoft.com/tftpserver.xml
Quick Access Folders & Files http://www.tallsoft.com/quickaccess.xml
NBT Host Monitor
Quick Ping Monitor
Dns Monitor
Bigger Syslog server
Quick Tftp Server Pro
CDP Cisco Client
Quick Access Folders& Files
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