Now SuperPinger have been upgrade to Quick Ping Monitor.  You can update your SuperPinger to Quick Ping Monitor.
SuperPinger (Quick Ping Monitor) is a powerful enterprise graphic ip monitor tool. It is able to detect thousands of IP equipments simultaneously and send message when states of some equipments change , it could also adopt necessary steps to deal with troubles.
SuperPinger (Quick Ping Monitor) is able to do two things:
1. Watch states of network line/server/switch/router/work station/other IP devices.

As soon as network line break or IP device troubles occur, SuperPinger will soon (within seconds ) send warning signals (email, message or sound ) and run specified programs . The related state will also be stored in LOG files. This function is especially important for a company which owns hundreds of network lines(E1, SDH, DDN, FR, X.25 and so on) /servers. When there exist several lines between a branch and headquarters, usually the communication will not break even only one line works normally. Under the above situation ,it is very difficult to check the status of backup line , if backup line breaks and is not recovered instantly , it could not take over communication when main line breaks too ,which could result in communication breakup . So for any company even with multi-lines, checking the present status of backup line is very important.

With SuperPinger, You can watch the remote peer's IP address of these lines from the center, when one line break, SuperPinger will send warning signals to administrators within seconds.

2. Watch IP address situation of one or more network address segments and ON/OFF information of computers.

SuperPinger is able to add a block of IP address (as many as 65536 continuous IP
address) one time . You can add all the IP address you want to watch to
SuperPinger, and find which IP address are used and which IP address are free , and find when
computers are ON or OFF .
SuperPinger(registered edition ) is able to watch thousands of IP device (number
limited only by CPU capability ) , and send ping detections to all targeted IP device
simultaneously and receive responses without affect each other . All actions of
detecting and receiving are carried out simultaneously , which is much better than
traditional in-turns method which usually result in long interval-time when there are
too many IP devices to be watched .
Each watching job can be displayed through graphs , stating : max/min/avg, TTL,
lost rate etc.

Usually each detecting target is assigned an icon to display present state ,which consists of :

A Normal
"Green" color.
All continuous ping detections (the number can be assigned by users , default :3)
received normal responses ,and package-lost rate (if needed to check ) is below limits
(which can also be set) .

B Present package lost
"Yellow" color .
If a ping detection does not receive normal response in standard time and the former
state of the line is normal . When continuous ping detections do not receive normal
responses , and the number exceed set number (default :3 ), then the state will change
into "Break ?off " .

C High package-lost rate
"Red-Yellow " color .
Several ping detections do not receive normal responses in standard time . The
package-lost rate can be checked if necessary ,when package-lost rate exceeds standard
(which can be set ),the color changes into Red-Yellow .

D Break ?off
"Red" color .
When all continuous ping detections do not receive normal responses in standard
time . (number can be set , default :3 ) ,we can say that the line is in "Break ?off" state 


1 A tool which provides parallel watching , SuperPinger's parallel detecting method
is much sensitive , while traditional in-turns method sometimes results in long
interval-time when there are too many IP devices to be watched .

2 A short interval-time as short as 50 millisecond ! Even facing thousands of IP devices , SuperPinger is still able to check the states of all IP devices within seconds , without any confusing results .

3 Several watching parameters . you can check following parameters such as IP
device UP/DOWN, package-lost rate , etc .

4 Rich dealing means such as beep,box warnings , mails to as many as 16
Quick Ping Monitor support 256 administrators), running related program , (the program can be developed by administrators , which provides flexibility )

5 Macro parameters .When sending mails or running related program , the
content/title of mails could both be set by administrators ,and the content could
contain macro,which can be replaced by other content in real situation .

MACRO  includes:

<NAME>         :  the name of target item
<HOST>          :  the IP address of target item
<DATE TIME>  :  the datetime of target item
<EVENT>        :  the notify event(up or down) of target item
<LOST RATE> :  the lost rate of target item

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